The Spanish Boot Company

The  Spanish Boot Company brings together town and country style with their collection of boots, accessories and clothing.



Where it all began …

Emma the founder, was working for a summer at a stable yard in the Algarve, Portugal, she received so many compliments from many British clients for a pair of Spanish Riding Boots she had purchased locally. This prompted her to make a small detour on her way home to Valverde del Camino, southern Spain to pick up a few pairs of these fantastic boots.




On her return in October 2002 the enthusiastic welcome to the boots allowed SRB Valverde to be born.

Emma’s overall aim is to provide the British market with good quality Spanish merchandise at affordable prices. She has already expanded into stocking a selection of styles and plan to increase her range where possible. Customer service is high on the list of priorities whilst establishing SRB Valverde and they also offer a made to measure service.





Emma decided to change the company name to The Spanish Boot Company mainly because it is a lot easier to remember than SRB Valverde!

From being the original importers of the Spanish Boot styles back in 2002 and still going strong! New product lines and a hugely popular bespoke service, gorgeous Egality Freedom tailoring and some pretty amazing accessories, all hand picked by our team for your shopping pleasure.

” Thanks for being part of our journey so far, we couldn’t have done it without you all! ”

– Emma


The Spanish Boot Company Blue Suede With leather Detail

These beautiful bespoke boots are new from The Spanish Boot Company.  

The Spanish Riding Boots Suede & Leather Mix Boots are part of the ‘La Caballeria Collection’ (Meaning ‘Cavalry Collection’ in Spanish) and celebrate the brand’s beautiful range of bespoke boot options.The Spanish Boot Company Leather and Suede Boot

Featuring a full body of suede, these stunning boots feature complimenting leather heel cuff, full-length side zip seam and boot cuff in a buttery soft navy leather. Finished with a traditional riding boot style top buckle and the brand’s signature tassel detail (detachable) you can also choose from over nine tassel colours to add a pop of colour to this classic easy to wear shade. And with a choice of sole types and heel style, you can strut in (unique) style!





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Equestrian Lifestyle


This month we share with the lovely blogger from Equestrian Lifestyle her exciting experience she made on her very first Horse Safari in South Africa.


My ride for the day was Lulu, a big black gelding and really sweet. I was in a group with all the pro’s, some of them are here for the 15th time!! Can you imagine? The approach to horse riding is completely different in South Africa, way more relaxed, loose reins and you just go with the flow. As a dressage rider, I am used to controlling the horse’s movements all the time, but after one second with Lulu, I was thinking “whatever”, just go with the African swing.


After 5 minutes we were in the middle of a group of giraffes, truly impressive! The giraffes were so used to the horses and we even had time to take the best giraffe selfie ever! It didn’t take long before we were cantering, it was just amazing to canter for such a long time.


We rode for 3 hours and already we’ve seen so many animals, zebras crossing the road only 2 meters away, a family of rhinos with a baby one, impalas, warthogs, kudus, a cobra, some dung beetles, roan antelopes, elands, wildebeest and mongoose. Truly impressive and one of the best experiences ever! 


On our way back, we swapped the horses for the jeep and did some off road safari. The most wonderful thing to see was when we took the saddles off, the horses could run free in their natural habitat, back to the stables. That’s what equestrian lifestyle is all about.



Visit the blog of Equestrian Lifestyle for more interesting stories.

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POLO Photography

Polo Kopie.JPG

Sport of Kings, King of Sports

 Polo is a game with a rich cultural history. Originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest team sports in recorded history.

In the beginning, polo was a training game for cavalry units. To these warlike tribesmen, who played it with as many as 100 to a side, it was a miniature battle.

The Moguls were then responsible for taking the game from Persia tot he East, where it became known as “the sport of kings“.


Polo is taken from the word ’pholo’ meaning ’ball’ or   ’ballgame’ in the Balti language of Tibet.

By the 16th century polo was well established in India in Mainpur, the English Army Officers discovered the game. They went on to found the world’s first polo club.

Today, more than 77 countries across the world play polo. It was an Olympic sport from 1900-1939.

Polo continues to represent the pinnacle of sport. This is a feeling epitomised by the famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan: Let others play at other things. ’’The king of sports is still the sport of kings.’’


Our passion and love for horses and Polo you can see in the photographs. For this collection all about Polo and the polo pony, from the game to behind the scenes we travelled to Dubai and London, and shot the most beautiful, magical pictures.


All photos are available in print in different sizes.

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