Interior Design




Founded by Shalini Misra and Ekta Varma, Genessia is a real estate development company set to re-define London’s luxury property market through their introduction of stylish and refined properties of exceptional quality. A collaborative force of ideas, skills and knowledge of the financial and property sectors and fuelled by their mutual passion for real estate development and experience, the partnership of this proficient pair was an inevitable one.


Specialising in the market of luxurious living, Shalini and Ekta are highly selective when determining which properties to procure and develop, opting for spaces with a rich soul and history. Valuing the original features of these interiors, they highlight their unique characteristics, carefully tailoring each space resulting in the perfect balance. Careful consideration is then given to every detail sparing no cost when it comes to the selection of materials and finishes.


“The combination of our many years’ experience renovating and designing clients’ properties, our keen eye for exceptional designs and our vertically integrated team of architects and designers puts us in the perfect position to create interiors specific to each property respecting and enhancing their integral character.” Shalini Misra

It is this careful approach to design, infused with passion, which brings to life each project by Genessia. The philosophy and vision of this exciting venture can be seen in its first property, an exclusive apartment in the heart of Mayfair. Selected for its distinct location, history, and unique interior features, this project has been developed to meet the highest standards of comfort while breathing a sense of utmost luxury.


It was a successful launch of the new London project in Mayfair and it was a pleasure meeting the talented Interior Designer and Architect Shalini Misra.