Laura Biagiotti Fall Winter 17/18

Laura Biagiotti e Lavinia Biagiotti Kopie
Laura Biagiotti and Lavinia Biagiotti

”The beauty of fashion is that it seeks for meanings and answers, fueling our memory and imagination, where the results are infinite, just as the endless search for the essence of a dress. For the creation of my collection, I inspire to a woman who is pursuing a dress which donates fulfillment, and is made of intrinsic values, comfort and durability. It is in my interest, to create the idea of dynamic outfits, which are not laying on a chair at night or abandoned in a wardrobe as lifeless objects. A dress is the behavioral expression of our way of being which reveals our best side or betterstill, our way of “not being”, hide and protect. Dualism is always feminine”.

Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_02 Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_03 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_13 Kopie

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_14 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_15 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_24 Kopie

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_29 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_36 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_37 Kopie

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_46 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_48 Kopie Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_56 Kopie

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