Loungewear to know

Blanc Cerise my new comfy loungewear


Introducing you my new discovered loungewear from Blanc Cerise a lovely French brand which is simple & elegante.

Blanc Cerise not only has loungewear, they are very well known for their home accessories like bedding, bathroom and tableware. Discover here Blanc Cerise

Loungewear is my favourite genre of clothing, it is so comfy to wear at home but you can wear some pieces also outside your home, like I do. I found the wonderful brand Blanc Cerise online, they just launched their new loungewear, you can discover here Blanc Cerise Online.

My favourite piece of them is this light and comfortable 100% linen tunic dress, there are many colors which you can choose. I always love white, looks so nice with a light tan. And you can wear it at home or outside, like me. 

The materials for the loungeware collection are premium quality fabrics sourced from Liberty London as well as 100% Linens.

liberty t

Fabienne Motteroz Founder & CEO at Blanc Cerise says,

I am deeply passionate about home textiles and decoration, especially bedlinen. I decided to create a lifestyle brand that offers a range of products, in various subtle colours, that are easy to mix and match across the collections. This allows and encourages my customers to create their own unique style and combinations.

FM Blancshop


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