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This month we share with the lovely blogger from Equestrian Lifestyle her exciting experience she made on her very first Horse Safari in South Africa.


My ride for the day was Lulu, a big black gelding and really sweet. I was in a group with all the pro’s, some of them are here for the 15th time!! Can you imagine? The approach to horse riding is completely different in South Africa, way more relaxed, loose reins and you just go with the flow. As a dressage rider, I am used to controlling the horse’s movements all the time, but after one second with Lulu, I was thinking “whatever”, just go with the African swing.


After 5 minutes we were in the middle of a group of giraffes, truly impressive! The giraffes were so used to the horses and we even had time to take the best giraffe selfie ever! It didn’t take long before we were cantering, it was just amazing to canter for such a long time.


We rode for 3 hours and already we’ve seen so many animals, zebras crossing the road only 2 meters away, a family of rhinos with a baby one, impalas, warthogs, kudus, a cobra, some dung beetles, roan antelopes, elands, wildebeest and mongoose. Truly impressive and one of the best experiences ever! 


On our way back, we swapped the horses for the jeep and did some off road safari. The most wonderful thing to see was when we took the saddles off, the horses could run free in their natural habitat, back to the stables. That’s what equestrian lifestyle is all about.



Visit the blog of Equestrian Lifestyle for more interesting stories.


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